Hire Charges

The Devonshire Rooms                                            or                              The Mpyeuvre-Grande Suite

  (downtairs hall & kitchen)                                                                            (upstairs hall & kitchen)

Damages Bond £75.00 (£25.00 childrens Parites)                                       Damages Bond £150.00

Rate per hour Mon - Thurs (day & night)                                                                    £12.00

Rate per hour Friday & Saturday (day only)                                                               £12.00

Rate per hour Friday & Saturday nights (6.30 - 11.45pm)                                          £16.00


Sunday Bookings - Rate per hour                                                                              £15.50


Business Rate      - Hire of halls - £23.00 per hour

                               Council Chamber - £12.00 per hour


Council Chamber / Medway Room                                                                              £6.50

      (Snodland Groups only - FREE)


Any special circumstances are to be referred to the CEO.


1.  The above rates apply to Snodland Residents.


2.  The charge to Non-Residents will be increased by 20%.


3.  VAT at a rate of 20% will be added where kitchen utensils are to be used.


4.  Booking form, agreement form and a deposit of £75.00 or £25.00 (childrens parties) must be received before a booking is confirmed.


5. Any balance must be paid at least two weeks before the event.


6.  Charity Groups - one of booking - 25% reduction

                                 Bulk bookings - 50% reduction


Damages Bond

Cash - to be received at least 14 days before the booking date.


Cheque will be banked and must be received at least 14 days  before the booking date.


                       Contact the Council Office on  01634 240228, if you have any queries.       


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